NICHD Predoctoral Training Program (5T32HD007545)

The UCLA Population Training Program currently sponsors four students each year. The program emphasizes the multi-disciplinary character of contemporary demographic research by exposing trainees to an integrated program of research in economics, sociology, and public health. The training program is a mixture of formal course work and practical research experience, designed to provide students with a firm grounding in a social science discipline, a rich understanding of the multi-disciplinary range of research in demography, and experience and skill in designing, conducting and presenting scientific work.

Selections of trainees for the following academic year are made every spring quarter. Solicitations for applications are distributed over CCPR and other mailing lists in Spring Quarter. Selections are announced at the beginning of June. Trainees appointments are for 12 months, beginning in October.

Funds for this program are provided by NICHD.

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