Statistical Bibliographic Sources

This list provides quick access to selected statistical bibliographic databases related to population studies available to UCLA affiliates through the University’s Library. While some of the databases provide article or document full-text, most of the selected bibliographic databases provide only citations and/or abstracts of articles or documents, and thus may not link to the articles/documents themselves.

  • To access articles in a journal indexed or abstracted in a bibliographic database without full-text, please see UCLA Library catalog and/or CDL Melvyl (Web) to find out which campus libraries hold the journal or full-text database.
  • Some demographic statistical journals and newsletters are available through the E-Journals in or Related to Demography page.

General Statistical Sources

  • Current Index to Statistics Database (UCLA)
    Description: A bibliographic index to publications in statistics and related fields through the UCLA Statistics Department.
  • Guide to Available Mathematical Software
    Description: A cross-index and virtual repository of Mathematical and Statistical Software Components of use in Computational Science and Engineering.
  • Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM)
    Description: Interdisciplinary between a broad spectrum of mathematics and sciences. Resources which inform mathematicians and scientists about interdisciplinary problems.
    Description: Full text of core scholarly journals from their beginning to approximately five years ago. Disciplines include botany, business, ecology, general science, humanities, mathematics, social sciences, statistics. Browsable by discipline and full-text searchable across all disciplines.
  • National Association of Welfare Research and Statistics
    Description: The National Association for Welfare Research and Statistics is a nonprofit association whose purpose is to exchange ideas for the advancement of research and statistics in the field of public welfare. NAWRS is organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes.
  • National Publications and Statistical Yearbooks, Current Statistics and Internet Sites
    Description: Links to statistical yearbooks of many countries of the world, in the languages of the country or in English.
  • RAND California
    Description: Provides data on California and United States public policy issues, with an emphasis on statistics.
  • SourceOECD
    Description: SourceOECD comprises 20 Book collections by theme, containing all our monographs and reports; 24 periodicals; a reference title; and the OECD statistical databases. Access limited to UCLA.
  • Statistical Resources on the Web
    Description: A comprehensive pathfinder to statistical resources, created and maintained by the University of Michigan
  • Statistical Reference Shelf Online
    Description: Published collections of statistics available online,  including the Statistical Abstract of the United States.
  • Statistical Universe (LexisNexis)
    Description: Provides comprehensive access to statistical sources from over 200 federal agencies, 50 state governments, 100 international intergovernmental organizations, and 500 private and academic sources. Statistical Universe draws from American Statistics Index (federal statistics), Statistical Reference Index (state and private statistics), and Index to International Statistics (international intergovernmental statistics). The service allows users to search summaries of statistical publications, then link to the full-text of selected publications on Statistical Universe and government Web sites. (NOTE: unavailable every Saturday night/Sunday morning, 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., Pacific time.)
  • UCLA Statistics Home Page
    Description: The homepage of UCLA’s Statistics Department. Contains extensive links to journals and search engines.
  • Your Nation
    Description: Allows the user to compare statistics for any two countries, to rank countries by a selected statistic, and to display a country summary.
  • Topic links to statistics – A to Z
    Description: Direct access to statistical data on topics of your choice.
  • Zentralblatt Math
    Description: Zentralblatt MATH is the world’s most complete and longest running abstracting and reviewing service in pure and applied mathematics. The MATH Database contains more than 1.8 million entries drawn from more than 3000 serials and journals.


  • ECONbase
    Description: Access to Elsevier/North-Holland journals in economics, econometrics, and finance.
  • EconLit
    Description: Access is reserved for current UCLA students and faculty. Subjects covered include book reviews, business, economics, finance, industry and statistics.
  • FRED, an Economic Time-Series Database
    Description: The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis provides consumers, economists and financial institutions economic and financial information in an easy-to-use format. FRED contains historical U.S. economic and financial data, including daily U.S. interest rates, monetary and business indicators and exchange rates.
    Description: Provides economic, business, and international trade information produced by the U.S. Government. Comprises two large files: State of the Nation and GLOBUS & NTDB.

Biostatistics/Medical Statistics