CCPR Ricoh Copier and Printer

CCPR Ricoh MP5054

Obtaining User Code and Installation:

We generate user codes for the CCPR copier for accounting purposes. Please email if you’d like to obtain a user code in order to copy/print/scan with this machine.

If you routinely plan to do large print jobs (over 20 pages at once) PLEASE use this system as it helps keep CCPR’s printing costs down. This machine is faster and generally prints documents in a better quality. This copier has many advanced features also including the ability to duplex as well as staple documents.

CCPR Windows domain systems will automatically install this copier and will be named Ricoh Aficio MP 5054. However, if you bring your own system/laptop you’ll need to obtain the PCL6 driver for your operating system from THIS website. Add this copier/printer to your system using the add printer directions on the previous page, the IP address for this system is We restrict this copier to only the local CCPR network for security purposes, if you bring a laptop please make sure you are wired in and not utilizing wireless when using this service.

Saving your User Code to the print driver on Windows 7/8:

After confirming that the driver is installed and printer added you’ll need to tell the print driver to remember your user code.

-Open the Windows Control Panel (WinKey+R, enter Control Panel) then select ‘Devices and Printers’ 

-Right click the Ricoh Aficio MP 5054 printer entry and select ‘Printing Preferences’:


-You’ll see the Printing Preferences box above. Click on the Detailed Settings tab, then under the job setup menu enter the provided User Code we have sent you (at the red arrow). Click Apply.


Saving your User Code to the print driver on OSX:

-Download the relevant ppd file for your version of Mac OS from here: ppd file.
-Double-click the [MacOSX PPD Installer] folder.
-Double-click the package file icon.
-From the Apple menu choose System Preferences, then choose Printers & Scanners.
-Click the “+” (plus) icon at the bottom of the “Printers” pane to add a printer.
-Click “IP” on the toolbar.
-In protocol, Select HP Jetdirect
-Click the “Address:” field and enter the IP address of the printer (
-Choose the printer model (Ricoh Aficio MP 5054) for your IP Printer and click OK.  Click “Add” to create your printer queue.
-To enter your user code, open a document and go to File, Print. In the Layout drop down, select Job Log.
-Tick the ‘Enable User Code’ box and enter your user code (if you are not sure what this is, please check with the school office)
-To save having to enter the user code each time you print, after entering it the first time, go to the ‘Presets’ dropdown and choose ‘Save As…’. Name the preset (any name you like) and click OK. When you next print, select the preset you just created and your user code will be entered automatically.