Social Stratification and Mobility Syllabus Archive

When we initiate new courses, or revise old ones, many of us would like to be able to consult the syllabi constructed by our colleagues who have taught similar courses.  To meet this need for courses concerned with social stratification, social mobility, and social inequality, the Research Committee on Social Stratification and Social Mobility (RC 28), with the generous technical support of the California Center for Population Research, has established an archive of syllabi for such courses.  These syllabi have been contributed mainly by our members, although anyone teaching pertinent courses is welcome to add syllabi to our collection.

To contribute, please submit your syllabus in .pdf format (it would help if you added the name of your institution to the syllabus itself).   Your syllabus usually will be added to the collection in just a few days.  For now, the syllabi will be shown in the order received (after the initial set of syllabi, which are listed in alphabetical order).  We expect shortly to be able to permit listing alphabetically by author or chronologically and searching for specific authors.

Syllabus Submission Form

To download a syllabus, click on it.  The title will then appear in a separate window.  Click on it again and it will open on your screen.  Save it in your usual way.

Syllabi (affiliations are where the course was taught even if the author has subsequently changed institutions):

Barozet, Emmanuelle. Universidad de Chile. Spring 2016. Undergraduate stratification (in Spanish)

Brand, Jennie; Cheng, Siwei. UCLA. Winter 2016. Graduate reading seminar.

Dewilde, Caroline. Tilburg. Fall 2016. Social Policy and Social Risks.

DiPrete, Thomas. Columbia. Spring 2015. Stratification seminar.

DiPrete, Thomas. Columbia, Spring 2016. Inequality, poverty, and mobility.

Gangl, Marcus. Wisconsin. Spring 2010. Social stratification.

Grodsky, Eric. Wisconsin. Spring 2016. Graduate social stratification seminar.

Grodsky,Eric. Wisconsin. Spring 2016. social_stratification

Grusky,David. Stanford. Spring 2016. graduate_stratification

Grusky,David. Stanford. Spring 2016. undergraduate_stratification

Grusky,David. Stanford. Winter 2017. undergraduate_ending_poverty

Jacob, Marita. University of Cologne. Summer 2017. Social Inequality Beyond Europe

Mare, Robert. UCLA. Winter 2013. Undergraduate stratification.

Park, Hyunjoon. Pennsylvania. Spring 2016. Social stratification.

Payne, Yasser. Delaware. Winter 2017. Race, Gender & Poverty

Payne, Yasser Arafat. University of Delaware.Sping 2017. Race, Gender & Poverty

Penner,Andrew. UC Irvine. Winter 2010. Social Inequality

Penner, Andrew. UC Irvine. Fall 2011. Social inequality: nature and nurture.

Penner,Andrew. UC Irvine. Spring 2015. Ineqaulity

Penner, Andrew. UC Irvine. Spring 2016. Inequality.

Pfeffer, Fabian. University of Michigan. Fall 2016. Social Startification

Torche,Florencia. New York University. Fall 2012. Inequality_Controversies

Torche,Florencia. New York University. Spring 2016. Stratification

Weeden, Kim. Cornell. Spring 2015. Social inequality.

Wu, Xiaogang. HKUST. Spring 2008. Graduate stratification seminar.

Wu, Xiaogang. HKUST, Fall 2012. Social stratification in China.

Wu, Xiaogang. HKUST. Spring 2014. Social inequality and social mobility

Wu, Xiaogang. HKUST. Spring 2014. Social stratification and mobility.