Position Openings at NICHD: Program Director, Population Dynamics Branch & Scientific Review Officer, Population Sciences Subcommittee

PDB supports research, research training, and data collection in demography, reproductive health, and population health, with an emphasis on research based on population-representative samples. In demography, the branch supports research on the scientific study of human populations, including fertility, mortality and morbidity, migration, population distribution, nuptiality, family demography, population growth and decline, and the causes and consequences of demographic change. In reproductive health, the branch supports behavioral and social science research on sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, family planning, and infertility. In population health, the branch supports data collection and research on human health, productivity, behavior, and development at the population level, using such methods as inferential statistics, natural experiments, policy experiments, statistical modeling, and gene/environment interaction studies using non-truncated measures of environmental exposure. The candidate should have successfully completed all requirements for a Ph.D. (or equivalent doctoral degree) in an academic field of the health or related sciences (e.g., demography, economics, or population geography) allied to health or health-related research. Background in demography, the social determinants of health, analysis of longitudinal cohorts, and the collection and analysis of population representative samples also would be a plus.

NICHD is using multiple announcements to fill this position: The first two links are the global recruitment program announcements; the last two links are the social and behavioral scientist announcements. Please note the links differ if you are a federal employee. This is a not supervisory position. Closing January 31, 2019.

SRB is responsible for a broad range of functions related to the review of grant applications and contract proposals. In addition to managing standing review committees as well as temporary scientific review groups, scientific review officers provide policy direction and coordination for planning and conducting initial scientific and technical merit reviews for numerous types of grant applications and contract proposals. NICHD is using a global recruitment announcement to fill this position. Please note the link differs if you are a federal employee.  This is a not supervisory position. Closing January 31, 2019.

Source: https://www.nichd.nih.gov/about/jobs