Call for Papers: The Environmental Dimensions of Fertility Decision-Making

Call for Papers

The Environmental Dimensions
of Fertility Decision-Making

Special Issue of Population and Environment
Deadline:  May 30, 2016

For this special issue, we seek a range of empirical papers that examine the reciprocal elements of this association including the potential influences of environmental context on fertility decision-making and the implications of fertility decision-making for local environmental context. We are primarily interested in research examining these processes at the household- or local scales.  Papers should be theoretically sophisticated and methodologically rigorous and may include considerations of gender, social inequalities, environmental security, food security, among other social and environmental processes.

More generally, the research should improve broader understanding and theory regarding the association between population and environment.  We encourage contributions based on quantitative as well as qualitative data, as well as those that focus on policy dimensions.

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Submission Deadline:  May 30, 2016.  Please submit questions prior to this deadline to Lori Hunter, Editor-in-Chief (  Submitted manuscripts should be formatted in accordance with Population and Environment guidelines available in the journal or at