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Statistics and Methods Core Mission

The Statistics and Methods Core supports CCPR research and training by providing expertise in the choice, development, and implementation of statistical methodology. This includes:
  • providing advice on all aspects of statistical design and analysis for CCPR research projects;
  • developing new statistical methodology, models, and tools to support current and proposed research projects;
  • coordinating the matching of the statistical expertise in other units of the UCLA campus with CCPR research projects;
  • improving CCPR affiliates' access to state-of-the art statistical methodology through workshops and seminar series and advising the Computing Core and Social Science Computing on acquisition and support of statistical software.



CCPR offers "drop-in" statistical consulting services to meet short-term needs of CCPR affiliates. This can include:

  • assistance with study planning and design,
  • assistance with the choice and application of statistical methods,
  • advice on interpretation and presentation of statistical results.

In addition to helping you with what to do, we will also help you with how to do it:

  • assistance with statistical software,
  • development of specialized statistical methods.


Temporary Data R.A.

The Statistics and Methods Core now offers to CCPR faculty affiliates the use of a Temporary Data Research Assistant. This position was created to assist in the beginning stages of research projects.  The R.A. will be available to CCPR faculty investigators to assist in importing, managing, organizing, and cleaning data for analysis, and also for literature searches and review.


Statistical Computing

For a list of statistical packages available to CCPR affiliates please see CCPR Computing.

UCLA's Academic Technology Services provides UCLA researchers with assistance in statistical computing issues through the Statistical Consulting Group. Currently, ATS offers classes and seminars, as well as learning modules on SAS, SPSS, Stata, and R through their statistical computing page.



The Statistics and Methods Core will also also offer workshops in statistical methods and programming open to all CCPR affiliates.  Recordings and notes from these workshops are available below.

1/27/2012      Multilevel Modeling Using Stata - ppt do-file

10/26/2012    Introduction to Stata and Efficient Workflow - ppt do-file

4/4/2013       Advanced Stata Programming - ppt do-file

10/11/2013    Introduction to Stata (no video) - ppt do-file

10/22/2013    Research Workflow Using Stata (no video) - ppt

1/31/2014      Longitudinal Survey Analysis Using Stata - ppt do-file

9/12/2014      L.A. FANS Data User Workshop - Merging do-file Merging pdf

10/2/2014      Introduction to Stata - ppt do-file

5/21/2015     Longitudinal Data Analysis 

*The password for workshop videos is 'workshop4CCPR'.

CCPR Tutorials


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why is there no constant term reported in Stata for ologit and oprobit?

2) Using Instrumental Variable Estimation with weak correlation between the instruments and the endogenous explanatory variable.


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